After many years of appreciating beautiful gardens and dabbling in design Heather decided to further nurture her passion through formal training. She graduated with a Diploma in Residential Landscape Design (Distinction) from Oxford College of Garden Design.

Following more than a decade in Project Management and Management Consultancy in and around the construction industry beforehand, she has solid experience of delivering a project not just on time but also within budget, together with a proven track record for surpassing clients’ expectations.

Heather firmly believes that whether the client is hands-on and wants to get in amongst the soil & the worms or time-poor and would like a vision delivered, working closely with clients every step of the way ensures the end result belongs to them – “most clients like to be involved and this may range from them devoting considerable time choosing colours and finishes with me or simply receiving weekly emails and a few photographs because they are very busy, I still make sure they stay involved” said Heather.

Brought up in countries around the Mediterranean before returning to the UK for a university education and commercial career she gained a deep appreciation and understanding of Mediterranean climates and their drought-tolerant flora, further consolidated now she is based mostly in France. This experience with both Temperate & Mediterranean planting schemes; offering diverse possibilities and often different plant palettes, is reflected in her designs.

Heather works on projects in both the UK and abroad

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