Planting schemes often result from a large redesign of the whole garden. Each planting zone is identified on a plan of your garden and a schedule of plants for that zone is compiled.


On other occasions the planting scheme may be more of a refurbishment process, small in scale and more specific in style - a modest project in its own right.


The plants decided upon and detailed on the planting plan are sourced from local nurseries. We use a selection of nurseries which we know raise healthy, robust stock and charge sensibly according to market rate and the quality of that stock.


The planting service following either a major redesign or a more minor upgrade includes within the planting planning process;
Plant selection based on their colours & characteristics;
The combination best able to ensure continuous seasonal interest;
A selection of suppliers best able to deliver your requirements;
The laying out and positioning of the plants prior to planting.


Finally we can provide you with a maintenance schedule for their on-going care, so that whether you are an expert or a novice, they and your garden continue to look their best.

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