When the structure and framework of a garden have been put into place, the decorating of the space in terms of plants and accessories plays a crucial role in finishing off the vision. The sourcing service carried out by us results in a short-list of items we feel reflect the garden’s new character and your instructions. This saves time & money for clients; minimising the number of pieces which ultimately need viewing or workshops which need to be visited.


Sourcing takes time, contacts and a degree of effort not everyone is able to devote to the task. Whilst some clients revel in the search, many more neither have the will nor the patience to start and would rather we find pieces or commission items on a project by project basis for them.


At Galley Design we have a network of contacts that reclaim and renovate antique artefacts through whom we are able to source exact pieces. We also work with artisans and sculptors to produce one-off works contributing further individuality to the garden’s design.


Whatever you have in mind; from dining tables & chairs to pool-side loungers; water features to summer kitchens; wrought iron lanterns or reclaimed fences & gates; Spanish oil jars to Greek urns; or ethanol fireplaces to sculpture, we will endeavour to secure the items for you professionally and economically.

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