Galley Design is a garden & landscape design practice providing a comprehensive range of services for the private client, architect and property developer.

Our aim is to transform an unloved space with potential into something of beauty through a collaborative process with our clients; to make an unused space pull its weight and to provide an outdoor space its owners actively seek-out; to relax and unwind in.

Not everyone is a budding or compulsive gardener, nor do they have endless time on their hands; therefore the solutions will reflect the owners’ maintenance potential; somewhere between tweaking here and there and more hands-on solutions for those dedicated few.

Believing that gardens should find their own balance in times of drought without the need for excessive hosepipe therapy is a special area of interest; the goal being to use a palette of plants whose survival instincts and drought tolerance keeps your garden flourishing when you wish to use and enjoy it - during the hotter spells. This may not always remove the need for additional watering so we can design-in irrigation schemes as a fall-back for those very dry periods.

We also believe that gardens should continue being of service as night falls - both in terms of atmosphere and recreational spaces. They should provide drama and interest as they fade into the darkness, this we achieve through the use of creative lighting solutions.

To find out more; to discuss how we may be able to help your outdoor space grow in importance; or to become involved in any aspect of your project, large or small, please feel free to contact us. 





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